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Vili & Family

Vili is a wonderful Christian brother who came to Barnabas at a time when no other accommodation could be found for him and his family. Barnabas provided a much needed space for them to stay while seeking permanent residence. Within a month God had already opened up a door for them to move into their own home. They were so grateful for the ministry of Barnabas that they happily agreed to let us share their story with you all. When you support the Barnabas House, you become a part of many success stories just like this one. Thank you!


This lovely lady came into Barnabas after a bit of a difficult season in her life. She needed time to refresh and readjust her focus. Barnabas gave her that much needed respite and not long into her stay a door opened up for her to move into a permanent accommodation! To all those that support Barnabas, thanks for making it possible for us to help the community!

Bill Flack

Bill moved into Barnabas on Oct 2018. He had a back injury while doing some work in Wagga and wanted to come to Griffith to be closer to his partner while he was recovering. He stayed in Barnabas for 6 months before finding a beautiful and affordable unit in Griffith. 

Bill wants to thank everyone at Barnabas for making his stay so pleasant. He also made some new friends while living here.

David Alexander

David moved into Barnabas on Nov 2015. He was Junee Correction Centre for driving related offences and had no place to go. He was very grateful when he got landed a unit in Barnabas House. This location was ideal for him as he has got regular appointments at Kookora Surgery.

Because of his situation and his health condition, he was allowed to stay for a longer period of time at Barnabas House. In 2017 he left for Wagga after finding a place there and returned back to Barnabas in June 2018. He finally got a place at housing commission and left Barnabas on 11 April 2019.

David is grateful and want to thank Barnabas for supporting him and assisting him while he stayed with us. 


 Jessica came to Barnabas House in a difficult and challenging time in her life where she had gone through an unexpected change. Barnabas House covered her first month of rent and Felix helped her find some work so that she could regain financial stability. The staff were proactive in addressing her material needs. The caretaker family and pastoral care was a huge blessing in her life at the time. The residents at Barnabas House were in the same boat of being helped in a crisis. This made her more willing to receive help and offer support and to function as the body of Christ. Jessica and Mary moved into a private rental together. 



Mary moved to Griffith because of job opportunities, however she was unable to find permanent accommodation. A friend told her about Barnabas House. Mary stayed with us for 4 months. She found a private rental through a Christian couple. Mary says that everyone is very friendly, and she felt welcome. Felix was very accommodating to her situation and she felt very safe at Barnabas House.

Vivian & Jorge

When this lovely couple moved to town they were having a hard time finding accommodation. When they stumbled upon The Barnabas House, they not only found a much needed place to stay while seeking permanent residence, they also found encouragement in our weekly meetings which impacted them tremendously. To put it in Vivian's own words, "I feel God at Barnabas, I will always be grateful for what you guys have done!" Thanks to all of our supporters for bringing a strength and refuge in the lives of many who need it.

Shawn Charles

Shawn moved into Barnabas after making some positive changes in his life. For Shawn, there were very few residences that suited his particular needs. In spite of this, with the help of the Barnabas team, Shawn ended up finding the perfect unit within his price range in town and has now moved in.

Congrats Shawn!

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