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Growing food together.

Community Garden Map

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Health and well-being is what Jesus wants for us, and coming together to grow in friendship and practical skills in gardening, is what this Garden is all about.
As well as enjoying some delicious fresh food!

See gallery below.

Why a community garden?

A community garden has many benefits:

  • Health, fresh food, cooking skills.

  • Social, community, lifestyle education.

  • New skills, gardening/food production.

  • Financial, saving money on fresh vegetables.

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How it started:

The Barnabas House community garden was the initiative of our ex office assistant, Robyn Wade. While applying for numerous grant we were fortunate to be awarded the ANZ bank "Seeds ofRenewal 2020 FRRR". Catherine Sharpe did assist Robyn in the grant application.


Catherine Sharpeand her team initiated the first conception of the garden. Later through the project, Fiona and Angus Harris lead the project and ensured it was completed.


Our residents, especially Vilimaina Lea and Luke Hoskin helped in pulling out weeds and watering the garden. Also, a special thanks to our care takers, Jan Bollington and Dawne Milne for assisting in the upkeep of the community garden.


A big shout out to ANZ bank through their "Seeds of Renewal 2020 FRRR" program. It
benefited Barnabas community greatly and the residents having a sense of pride in seeing the fruits of their hard work.


The management of Barnabas House would like to thank everyone involved in this project to see it being a big successful project.

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Going forward:

The community garden team will need to formalise some roles and work with residents to finish the first crop.

The garden needs some signage, planting calendar and notice board. It would be great to have regular working bees to handle harvest and planting. 

With the opportunity of hosting classes on gardening and cooking, with community events partially catered by the produce of the garden.


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